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Fruit Trees and Protected Trees


Ke' Paha' Sapa'- Black Rock- Tree preservation

We have started to rebuilt the Trees for Natural Harvesting.  Each tree has it's own name and purpose. Pine , Birch Maple,  Hazelnut , Acorn, Citrus , Fruit trees that are Native to our lands.  Let alone to repopulate the necessary trees to promote water reproduction, air quality and to help stop soil from eroding. Which in turn helps the whole Eco system. Everything has a purpose.

Chun' Wozu' - Plant Trees

IyópteyA' -Share the big news

Redesigning our location, redesigned our thought  process of what a community store really should be. No more junk food and candy. We have to do this for our health and for the support of a  healthy food supply for the Oyate'. 

Niya' Okiye' Wichayazipa' -Help the bees live.

Pollinators are the best way to insure the future quality of the food.  Ask us we care about our future generations water and food supply and our quality of life. 

New things to come

Watecha' Bucket': Matechaye' Watecha' Specialties :

Watch out for our new traditional take out menu.  

Unchi' Maka' Mi Hunku Ki Ta Wotiye'

Natural nourishment from grandmother earth.  Good things come to those who wait . 


The proof is in the watacha' .  Each day , a new way. 

Waniyetu' Wetun' Bloketu' Ptayetu'

Four seasons : Waniyetu' -winter . Ska' white. Wetun-spring . Tho' green . Bloketu' -summer.  Sha' -red. Ptayetu'-fall.  Zi'-Yellow . Watch as our product grows. 

Matechaye' Watecha' Specialties

We are with the grace of our creator and the blessing for what our mother earth provides. Watch as we grow.

Hau Mitakuyapi' - Toka Hwo'?

Greetings Relatives, What's up relatives? 

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All of our food is Non GMO certified and has been regrown for the last five years. We have started a new food supply. And have rewritten the meaning of a green house and a feeder nursery. lakota traditional foods

Honey and Honey products


Certified Bees on their way. Watch as our natural products grow. All Natural fed and raised. Our goal is to have the purest honey. 

Eggs and specialty chickens.


We are specializing in exotic chickens and eggs. All certified grain fed and natural products from them. 


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